Many of you know him as "The Pro Creator" for his time tested consistency of turning athletes from amatuer ranks to the pro ranks. Most of you also know that he is one of the top trainers to highly successful pro bodybuilders and pro figure athletes.

He is also the founder of the FST-7 training system and author of The Pro Creator column in Muscular Development Magazine. What most do not know about him; however, is that Hany first started out in this sport as a natural competitor. His first show was at the age of 18 years old, right at the same time he graduated high school and was getting ready to enter college. At that time, he was also working as a personal trainer in a local gym in Northern California where he resided. He transferred colleges from Northern California to Santa Barbara where he finished up his college education as a pre-med student earning a degree in Biology with an emphasis in Neurophysiology from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Since he was now living a few hundred miles away, he stopped personal training but continued to do nutritionals and program tracking via e-mail and telephone for his former Northern California clients all throughout college. His client base grew at an astounding rate and the results his clients were attaining were outstanding with many happy customers. He decided that this was his calling and what he had the most amount of passion for and decided to pursue this as his career instead of his original plan to attend medical school. He continued to build an extensive and impressive repertoire creating training and nutrition programs for a wide range of professional and amateur athletes and even average joes. The list of clients includes NFL players, professional wrestlers, bodybuilders, models, figure competitors, Olympic track & field athletes, etc. His knowledge of the body allows him the flexibility and ability to work with all body types and ages and manipulate each physique to be the best and most desirable for each corresponding sport.

The results speak for themselves, the pictures don’t lie.